The name says it all. This is the original and most popular sound style Snazz has to offer. This sound can reach out and touch the high ducks and softly seduce them when they are right on top of you. Beginners and veterans all can appreciate the Classic.

Little Bill

A more beginner version of the Snazz, this call requires less air and is “easier” to control the pitch and volume. You will never outgrow it, but it could be a great starting place for the inexperienced caller.

Quacker Jack

The newest version of the Snazz developed in 2016, the Quacker Jack is somewhat of a blend between the Classic and the Little Bill. It has a very adaptable volume control for all levels of calling experience.

Jerry Billy

Not for the weak of lungs, the Jerry Billy requires a heavy level of air control and skill. The sound is as crisp and sharp as a sassy hen, but you will want to build up your lungs preseason to maximize your calling experience with this one.



A sleek design that is pleasing to the eye. The Slim Snazz can be selected from all woods and acrylic materials.


A thicker, fuller bodied Snazz that comes only in the wood variety when available. The Fat Boy Snazz was an original design.

While the appearance has no impact on the sound, the customer can pick their preference on the sleek unique design for their Snazz.



The wood calls have a nice raspy hen sound and have a more versatile sound day in and day out, depending on weather conditions. They come in all four sound styles, and any of the three appearance styles. The volume is as loud as you will need, but it is still a softer sound than the acrylic. The wood call can be used in any hunting venue, but it excels in a flooded timber environment. The wood comes from all different trees and every single wood call will have its own unique sound, appearance and swirling wood patterns. We have a variety of wood types available, see for yourself. Come back often because on occasion we will find a special tree and produce a limited time line of calls from that wood.


All acrylic calls are made in the slim appearance and can be any of the four sound styles. The acrylic call has a more reliable sound every day without much regard for weather conditions. The volume will reach out and touch a duck, even if it is in the flying “V.” They are $150 each and can have color combinations that mix and match. Many of our customers enjoy calling ducks with the colors of their alma mater, or their favorite team.