Jerry Billy was a call collector in search for the perfect sounding call. His collection grew and grew although he was never completely satisfied with any of the calls he acquired. None of them were “just right.” Some blew loud on the hail call but lost the sound when you get to the quiet notes. Others were sweet on the soft notes but lacked the volume for hail call.

He visited with various call makers across the country and picked up some tips on how to customize the call for the sound he wanted. He tinkered with it as a hobby and decided to make his own call from scratch. In the early 80's, he made his first call and birthed the company.

What would he call this new creation? His high school nickname was "Snazz" which was an abbreviation for a play-on his unique last name, Pendersnazz (real last name is Pendergist) because he was always fashion forward in those days. He thought it was a very fitting name for his snazzy call design.

Before long all his hunting buddies wanted him to make them one of his calls and then their friends wanted them and so on. Now we have made over hundreds of calls and people have bought them from all around the globe.



History and tradition have made Snazz what it is today. We like to remember the good ole days and keep the legacy alive of those that have gone before us. Below are some photographs from the yesteryears that paved the path that led us here to you.